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Journal of Consumer Research, 37(5)

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Journal of Consumer Research 

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Underpredicting Learning after Initial Experience with a Product
Darron Billeter, Ajay Kalra, George Loewenstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Early Modern Ottoman Coffeehouse Culture and the Formation of the Consumer Subject
Emnegül Karababa, Gülz Ger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Semantic Anchoring in Sequential Evaluations of Vices and Virtues
Alexander Chernev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Underdog Effect: The Marketing of Disadvantage and Determination through Brand Biography
Neeru Paharia, Anat Keinan, Jill Avery, Juliet B. Schor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Demythologizing Consumption Practices: How Consumers Protect Their Field-Dependent Identity Investments from Devaluing Marketplace Myths
Zeynep Arsel, Craig J. Thompson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

No Pain, No Gain? How Fluency and Construal Level Affect Consumer Confidence
Claire I. Tsai, Ann L. McGill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assimilation and Contrast in Price Evaluations
Marcus Cunha Jr., Jeffrey D. Shulman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Sunlight Fails to Disinfect: Understanding the Perverse Effects of Disclosing Conflicts of Interest
Daylian M. Cain, George Loewenstein, Don A. Moore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strangers on a Plane: Context-Dependent Willingness to Divulge Sensitive Information
Leslie K. John, Alessandro Acquisti, George Loewenstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Sequential Data on Consumer Confidence in Relative Judgments
Dipayan Biswas, Guangzhi Zhao, Donald R. Lehmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Illusionary Progress in Loyalty Programs: Magnitudes, Reward Distances, and Step-Size Ambiguity
Rajesh Bagchi, Xingbo Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Exclusion Causes People to Spend and Consume Strategically in the Service of Affiliation
Nicole L. Mead, Roy F. Baumeister, Tyler F. Stillman, Catherine D. Rawn, Kathleen D. Vohs [Publisher] [Google Scholar]