Modelling in Brand Management


1st International Colloquium on Modelling in Brand Management at London, 15 Sep 2011, Chair T. C. Melewar; Deadline 30 Jun

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1st International Colloquium
Modelling in Brand Management
Brunel University, UK
15th September 2011

The outstanding papers will be submitted for review, for a special issue of Journal of Modelling in Management

Guest Editors:

TC Melewar, Suraksha Gupta and Tony Gary

The role of marketing research and its ability to quantify the behaviour of consumers provides valuable insights to both academics and practitioners which enable the identification of appropriate approaches and marketing strategies. The behaviour of consumers is influenced simultaneously by a combination of both micro and macro factors. Modelling techniques allow marketing academics and practitioners to consider these factors simultaneously and assess their impact individually. As such, modelling is increasingly being recognised as a powerful tool within marketing in general and within brand analyses and design in particular.

This colloquium will examine current issues on the theme of “Modelling in Brand Management: Ideas, Issues and Implementation to ‘creatively and robustly’ explore and analyse the conceptual antecedents and theoretical underpinnings of branding so as to derive useful consequences in terms of practical implementation and applications. The focus of this colloquium is to explore the role, importance and application of modelling within a branding context.

The event is co-hosted by Brunel University, UK and University of Canterbury, New Zealand and will feature studies conducted by researchers and practitioners engaged in theoretical or empirical research within the sphere of modelling in branding. More specifically, this colloquium is aimed at soliciting papers on the following suggested areas of interest:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand identity, image and reputation.
  • Brand equity and valuation
  • Rebranding
  • Internal brand management
  • Corporate branding
  • Not-for-profit branding
  • Global brand management
  • Brand alliances
  • Ethics and branding
  • Business-to-business branding
  • Virtual branding
  • Brand avoidance
  • Symbolism, consumption, and luxury branding

Submitted abstracts will be subjected to a double-blind peer review process and published in the Colloquium proceedings.

Abstract deadline: 30th June 2011

Deadline for submission of full papers: 31st December 2011
* Abstracts maximum 500 words.

Prospective contributors with queries concerning the potential suitability of topics or other matters concerning contributions are invited to contact the Colloquium Chair and Director, Professor T.C. Melewar.

A one-day colloquium will bring together a panel of practitioner and scholarly experts in the modelling in brand management to share their knowledge and experiences with fellow academics and practitioners. The event will be hosted by Brunel University, London, UK.

The outstanding papers will be recommended to Journal of Modelling in Management for publication after going through the blind peer review process and a possible edited book.

Colloquium Chair and Director: Professor

Professor T C Melewar (Brunel Business School, Brunel University, UK)

Associate Directors:

Dr. Suraksha Gupta (Brunel Business School, Brunel University, UK)

Dr. Tony Garry (University of Canterbury , New Zealand)