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Journal of Advertising, 39(4)

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Journal of Advertising 

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From the Editor
Marla B. Royne [Publisher]

Violence and Advertising
Nora J. Rifon, Marla B. Royne, Les Carlson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Violence in Advertising
Tim Jones, Peggy H. Cunningham, Katherine Gallagher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Violence Against Women in Advertisements
Michael L. Capella, Ronald Paul Hill, Justine M. Rapp, et al. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unintended Effects of a Domestic Violence Campaign
Sarah N. Keller, Timothy Wilkinson, A. J. Otjen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

If the Noise Coming from Next Door were Loud Music, You’d Do Something About It
Magdalena Cismaru, Gitte Jensen, Anne M. Lavack [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Caution, Animated Violence
Karen L. Becker-Olsen, Patricia A. Norberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Television Commercial Violence
E. Deanne Brocato, Douglas A. Gentile, Russell N. Laczniak, et al. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

It’s Just a Joke
Charles S. Gulas, Kim K. McKeage, Marc G. Weinberger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Dominance in the Appeal of Violent Media Depictions
Laurence Ashworth, Martin Pyle, Ethan Pancer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]