Revisit: CCT Workshop 2011


Consumer Culture Theory Workshop V, Evanston, IL, 5-7 Jul 2011, Organized by Eric Arnould, Fleura Bardhi and Jeff Murray; Deadline 1 Mar

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Call for Proposals

Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
July 5-7, 2010

Organizers: Eric Arnould, University of Wyoming, Fleura Bardhi, Northeastern University, Jeff Murray, University of Arkansas

Confirmed Faculty Mentors: Sammy Bonsu; Robin Coulter; David Crockett; Rita Denny; Nina Diamond; Amber Epp; Eileen Fischer; Paul Henry; Douglas Holt; Ashley Humpreys; Annamma Joy; Dannie Kjelgaard; Rob Kozinets; Risto Moisio; Cele Otnes; John W. Schouten; Patti Sunderland; Craig Thompson; Melanie Wallendorf; Xin Zhao; Per Østergaard; Detlev Zwick

Workshop Theme: The workshop focuses on the analysis, interpretation and presentation of research based on qualitative, interpretive, ethnographic, videographic, netnographic, semiotic, and phenomenological consumer research. Consequently projects of these types are privileged. The intent is to provide a forum for work in early stages (analysis) and completed work (interpretation and representation). Methodological projects will be welcome as well as substantive projects on themes ranging from theoretical to managerially relevant issues. Scholars at any career stage are invited to participate as apprentices in this workshop.

Submission Deadline: March 1, 2011 (Submit your proposals directly to website: OR by email at

Notification: April 1, 2011

Submission Requirements: Applicants should submit a 5 page synopsis of their project and a copy of their vita. Their proposal should also address targeted audience, anticipated/executed method, summary of data set, conceptual proposition, theoretical ancestry, anticipated contributions, ideas for the discussion, major challenges encountered and aims for the workshop.

Organizational Setup: This is a 2.5 day boot camp on data interpretation before the Consumer Culture Theory Conference V. We will offer four thematic work group sessions consisting of small groups of students and CCT faculty designed to attack specific issues such as interpretive problems, moving from data to theory and back again, moving from findings to contributions, etc. There will be time set aside for individual reflection on these sessions. Faculty will be available for additional discussion time in informal contexts. In addition there will be one or two plenary talks by senior mentors per day. These may be offered by faculty or industry professionals.