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Structural Equation Modeling, 17(4)

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Structural Equation Modeling 

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Modeling Relations among Discrete Developmental Processes: A General Approach to Associative Latent Transition Analysis
Bethany C. Bray; Stephanie T. Lanza; Linda M. Collins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Ignoring a Level of Nesting Structure in Multilevel Growth Mixture Models: A Monte Carlo Study
Qi Chen; Oi-Man Kwok; Wen Luo; Victor L. Willson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Fixed Thresholds with Grouped Data in Structural Equation Modeling
Jennifer Koran; Gregory R. Hancock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Latent Class Detection and Class Assignment: A Comparison of the MAXEIG Taxometric Procedure and Factor Mixture Modeling Approaches
Gitta Lubke; Stephen Tueller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evaluation of Reliability Coefficients for Two-Level Models via Latent Variable Analysis
Tenko Raykov; Spiridon Penev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Much More Than Model Fitting? Evidence for the Heritability of Method Effect Associated With Positively Worded Items of the Life Orientation Test Revised
Guido Alessandri; Michele Vecchione; Corrado Fagnani; Peter M. Bentler; Claudio Barbaranelli; Emanuela Medda; Lorenza Nisticò; Maria Antonietta Stazi; Gian Vittorio Caprara [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Structural Equations and Causal Explanations: Some Challenges for Causal SEM
Keith A. Markus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multiple-Group Analysis Using the sem Package in the R System
Joerg Evermann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Software Review

The Specification of Causal Models with Tetrad IV: A Review
J. A. Landsheer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]