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Journal of Marketing, 75(1)

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Journal of Marketing 

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The Effects of Business and Political Ties on Firm Performance: Evidence from China
Shibin Sheng, Kevin Zheng Zhou, Julie Juan Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is Market Orientation a Source of Sustainable Competitive Advantage or Simply the Cost of Competing?
V Kumar, Eli Jones, Rajkumar Venkatesan, Robert P Leone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Point of Purchase to Path to Purchase: How Preshopping Factors Drive Unplanned Buying
David R Bell, Daniel Corsten, George Knox [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Referral Programs and Customer Value
Philipp Schmitt, Bernd Skiera, Christophe Van den Bulte [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing in the C-Suite: A Study of Chief Marketing Officer Power in Firms’ Top Management Teams
Pravin Nath, Vijay Mahajan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emotional Intelligence in Marketing Exchanges
Blair Kidwell, David M Hardesty, Brian R Murtha, Shibin Sheng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Product Development Team Stability and New Product Advantage: The Role of Decision-Making Processes
Rebecca J Slotegraaf, Kwaku Atuahene-Gima [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Do Firms Invest in Consumer Advertising with Limited Sales Response? A Shareholder Perspective
Ernst C Osinga, Peter S.H Leeflang, Shuba Srinivasan, Jaap E Wieringa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]