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Expatriate Consumers and Businesses, Special issue of Journal of Business Strategies, Editor Irfan Ahmed; Deadline 29 Jul 2011

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Call for Papers
Journal of Business Strategies Special Issue on Expatriate Consumers and Businesses

Special Issue Editor: Irfan Ahmed

Expatriates, or individuals residing outside their own country, are an increasingly common facet of the globalizing world. Relocating to another country for economic or political reasons, expatriates may be distinguished from migrants in the sense that their expatriate residency is typically considered temporary, without expectation or right eventual assimilation and settlement in the host country. Over the past half century, large groups of expatriate populations have emerged due to workforces being sourced from different parts of the world.

While considerable research has been conducted on the subject of immigrant consumers and to a lesser extent on immigrant-owned businesses, relative little is known of expatriate consumers and their behavior. Similarly, little is known of the types of strategies appropriate for reaching expatriate consumers. This special issue is intended to initiate and provide a forum for research on expatriate consumers, strategies for marketing to expatriate consumers, and business operated by expatriates. Manuscripts are solicited on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Consumer behavior of expatriates, including the influences of the varying time horizons of expatriate status, dual country consumption influences, spending versus saving behavior, brand preferences and price behavior
  • The influences of expatriates in the diffusion of consumption behaviors across multiple countries
  • Strategies for marketing to expatriates, including multi-country marketing, special organizational architectures for marketers targeting expatriates, multi-country products, promotions and distribution aimed at expatriate consumers.

Conceptual, empirical and substantial practice-based case studies are invited for consideration. Submissions must follow the Journal of Business Strategy guidelines available at

Submission Deadline: July 29, 2011

Further inquiries and electronic submissions may be sent to the Special Issue Editor at irfanahmed@shsu.edu

If you are interested in reviewing for the special issue, please contact the Guest Editor.