Globalization of Marketing Ideology


Special issue of Journal of Macromarketing, Edited by Giana M. Eckhardt, Nikhilesh Dholakia and Rohit Varman; Deadline 31 Aug 2011

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Call for Papers

Special Issue on the Globalization of Marketing Ideology: Journal of Macromarketing, 2013

Giana M. Eckhardt(1), Nikhilesh Dholakia(2), and Rohit Varman(3)
Special Issue Editors

One of the most pervasive forms of globalization in the past six decades is the globalization of the socio-organizational concept of “marketing”. More than the idea of “finance” – whose globalization is visible mainly in the large financial centers – the idea of “marketing” has seeped into everyday discourses in all corners of the world. While the globalization of markets and business practices are studied widely, the focus of this special issue is to step back and look at the fundamental processes at work in the globalization of the very idea of marketing. This idea has permeated all global contexts – including those that appear to be outside the ambit of capitalist business.

We seek innovative contributions that explore how and why the idea and ideology of marketing have globalized in such sweeping ways. Empirical and theoretical contributions are invited on (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Export and globalization of marketing education, past and present
  • Critical review of marketing as an ideology
  • Creation of market subjectivity and marketing as a governmental discourse
  • Global resistance to marketing ideology
  • Critical analysis of managerialism in academic marketing discourse that is exported to different parts of the world
  • Materialization and manifestation of marketing ideology in different social, cultural, and institutional contexts around the world
  • Marketing as a Western thought and its postcolonial critique
  • Commodification of marketing thought by the multinational academic and trade-press publishing industry
  • Influence of marketing ideology on other disciplines such as Public Policy and New Public Management
  • Societal and cultural impacts of spread of marketing ideology and institutional changes

Manuscripts must be received no later than August 31, 2011, and the special issue will be published in March, 2013.

Please submit completed manuscripts to the Journal’s manuscript submission site, and indicate that your paper is intended for this special issue. Manuscripts guidelines are available at Early expressions of interest and inquiries can be directed to any of the special issue editors: Giana Eckhardt (, Nikhilesh Dholakia (, and Rohit Varman (

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(1) Suffolk University, Boston, MA, USA
(2) University of Rhode Island, USA
(3) Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, India