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Journal of Business Ethics, 98(1)

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Journal of Business Ethics 

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The Role of Religion in Fair Trade Consumption
Caroline Josephine Doran & Samuel Michael Natale [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward an Ethical Understanding of the Controversial Technology of Online Reverse Auctions
Mohamed Hédi Charki, Emmanuel Josserand & Nabila Boukef Charki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multinational Oil Companies and the Adoption of Sustainable Development: A Resource-Based and Institutional Theory Interpretation of Adoption Heterogeneity
Luis Fernando Escobar & Harrie Vredenburg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Determinants of Green Practice Adoption for Logistics Companies in China
Chieh-Yu Lin & Yi-Hui Ho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate Social Responsibility, Utilitarianism, and the Capabilities Approach
Cecile Renouard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Sustainability in Selecting Emerging Economy Suppliers
Matthias Ehrgott, Felix Reimann, Lutz Kaufmann & Craig R. Carter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Stakeholder Approach: A Sustainability Perspective
Don Clifton & Azlan Amran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Patterns of Research Productivity in the Business Ethics Literature: Insights from Analyses of Bibliometric Distributions
Debabrata Talukdar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relational Well-Being and Wealth: M?ori Businesses and an Ethic of Care
Chellie Spiller, Ljiljana Erakovic, Manuka Henare & Edwina Pio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic Human Resource Management as Ethical Stewardship
Cam Caldwell, Do X. Truong, Pham T. Linh & Anh Tuan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]