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The AMA announces AMAConnect?, a community platform for members and associated professionals that offers relationship and knowledge building for marketing academic and other AMA members

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Join in the Marketing Academics Conversation!
Connect your way to academic success.

AMAConnect™ Marketing Academic Community

A new forum for connecting with fellow marketing academics

The AMA has launched AMAConnect™, an online community platform specifically for members and associated marketing professionals. As a free benefit of membership, the AMA Online Community platform provides marketing academic and other AMA members an enhanced forum for building and maintaining valuable relationships & increasing their knowledge base.

AMAConnect™ allows you to participate in a wide variety of more than 20 marketing topic groups including Marketing Academics, Global Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Brand Management, Interactive Marketing, Marketing Research and Strategy, B2B Marketing, Nonprofit Marketing and more.

This new social community platform provides you with the ability to network, share information, ideas and experiences and learn from fellow academics.

Keep reading to learn how to access as use AMAConnect™, participate in the Marketing Academics Group, and join other groups.

Accessing AMAConnect™

Join in the conversation today and log onto AMAConnect™. To access this online community and join the Marketing Academics Group, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Community landing page at
  2. Log in to if you are not already (checking the Remember Me box allows you to stay logged in for 14 days).
  3. Click the "Go" button on the Community landing page (if you are an AMA Member). If you are not an AMA member but wish to take advantage of a 6-month trial membership, click the Sign Up button to complete the short trial membership form.
  4. The first time you access AMAConnect™, you must read and agree to the Terms of Use (you will only be asked to do this once).

Using AMAConnect™

Participate in AMAConnect™ by doing the following:

  • Complete your Personal Profile by clicking on the My Profile link at the top of the AMAConnect™, Home Page. You’ll find seven different areas of information you can provide and update. Be sure to identify privacy settings for each category of profile information (public, friends only or private) and then click APPLY CHANGES at the bottom of each screen to save your changes. Completing your profile as thoroughly as possible will enhance your online experience by allowing like-minded marketer members to find and connect with you.
  • Establish your preferences for key settings in the community, including adding an e-mail signature to all your content and identifying what kind e-mail communication and conversations you wish to receive. To establish these settings, simply click the SETTINGS link at the top of the AMAConnect™, Home Page.
  • Join the Marketing Academics Group (located under the Marketing Role tab) or other community groups. Groups are organized into five key areas (Marketing Topics, Marketing Role, Marketing Sector, Chapters and Career). Just click on one of the dashboard tabs to locate a group that interests you. Once you locate a group of interest, click on the link to access the Group Home Page. There you’ll find a list of options in the Group Banner. Click the Join to Participate link to join the group. This will allow you to participate in the group’s blogs, forums, file galleries and wikis.
  • Join in the conversation by creating a blog or forum post. Merely click on the Blog or Forum tab in the group of your choice and then click on the green New Post button to begin creating a post.
  • Search for other like-minded marketing academics by using the Advanced People Search feature. Once you locate a member of interest, click on the member’s name to view his/her profile. Add them as a friend or follow their activity.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network with and learn from your fellow marketing academics. Start a conversation, share some content, ask and answer questions of your academic group and keep up with the latest marketing news.

Log onto AMAConnect™ today and join in the conversation!

For questions and feedback about the AMA’s new platform, contact Nancy Pekala, Director of Online Content at