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Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 15(3)

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Journal of Financial Services Marketing 

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Islamic finance: Challenges and opportunities
Hussain G Rammal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Challenges and opportunities for Islamic retail banking in the European context: Lessons to be learnt from a British-German comparison
Stefan Volk and Markus Pudelko [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do equity-based Sukuk structures in Islamic capital markets manifest the objectives of Shariah??
Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bankers’ perception towards Bai Salam method for agriculture financing in Pakistan
Ahmad Kaleem and Saima Ahmad [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shariah-compliant equities: Empirical evaluation of performance in the European market during credit crunch
Nafis Alam and Mohammad Shadique Rajjaque [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Productivity, technology and efficiency of De Novo Islamic banks: Empirical evidence from Malaysia
Fadzlan Sufian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bank-level stability factors and consumer confidence – A comparative study of Islamic and conventional banks’ product mix
Kassim Hussein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]