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Journal of Advertising Research, 50(4)

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Journal of Advertising Research 

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Season of Plenty
Geoffrey Precourt

Change is the New Constant
Todd Powers

Ehrenberg’s View of Advertising
Byron Sharp

Commentar y “Does Anyone Really Know if Online Ad Campaigns Are Working?”: An Evaluation of Methods Used to Assess the Effectiveness of Advertising on the Internet
Paul J. Lavrakas, Sherrill Mane, and Joe Laszlo

The Product Well Placed: The Relative Impact of Placement and Audience Characteristics on Placement Recall
Etienne Bressoud, Jean-Marc Lehu, and Cristel Antonia Russell

In-Store Video Advertising Effectiveness: Three New Studies Provide In-Market Field Data
Mark Yi-Cheon Yim, Seung-Chul Yoo, Brian D. Till and Matthew S. Eastin

The Power of Reach and Frequency in the Age of Digital Advertising: Offline and Online Media Demand Different Metrics
Yunjae Cheong, Federico de Gregorio, and Kihan Kim

New Technologies Drive CPG Media Mix Optimization
Angela Reynar, Jodi Phillips, and Simona Heumann

Survey-Based Targeting Fine-Tunes Television Media Planning: A case for Accuracy and Cost Efficiency
J. Alexander Smith, Brett Boyle, and Hugh M Cannon

Does Doing Good Do Good?: How Pro bono Work May Benefit Advertising Agencies
David S. Waller

Nostalgia Drives Donations: The Power of Charitable Appeals Based on Emotions and Intentions
John B. Ford and Altaf Merchant

Can Public-Service Advertising Change Children’s Nutrition Habits? The Impact of Relevance and Familiarity
Monali Hota, Ruben Chumpitaz Cáceres, and Antoine Cousin