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Young Consumers, 11(4)

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Young Consumers 

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An exploration of adolescent snacking conventions and dilemmas
Tino Bech-Larsen, Birger Boutrup Jensen, Susanne Pedersen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Banking on the youth: the case for finer segmentation of the youth market
Thomas Foscht, Cesar Maloles III, Judith Schloffer, Swee-Lim Chia, Indrajit “Jay” Sinha [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A study of financial awareness among youths
Joyce K.H. Nga, Lisa H.L. Yong, Rathakrishnan D. Sellappan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impulse buying and cognitive dissonance: a study conducted among the spring break student shoppers
Babu P. George, Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The influence of vicarious role models on purchase intentions of Botswana teenagers
Rina Makgosa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring locality and college binge drinking: a Polish and Canadian perspective
Dariusz Siemieniako, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Krzysztof Kubacki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of Malaysian teenagers’ ethnicities, influence strategies and family purchase decisions of mobile phones
Amily Fikry, Norina Ahmad Jamil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]