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Managing Service Quality, 20(6)

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Managing Service Quality 

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Service quality and its relation to satisfaction and loyalty in logistics outsourcing relationships
Jari Juga, Jouni Juntunen, David B. Grant [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Value co-creation as a determinant of success in public transport services: A study of the Swiss Federal Railway operator (SBB)
Heiko Gebauer, Mikael Johnson, Bo Enquist [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The diminished effect of psychological empowerment on the self-empowered
Thomas Chi Keung Chan, Keith Yong Ngee Ng, Gian Casimir [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of strategic context, operational requirements, and work design in in-house call centres in the financial sector
Christer Strandberg, Rolf Dalin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Improvement gap analysis
Gérson Tontini, Jaime Dagostin Picolo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]