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International Marketing Review, 27(6)

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International Marketing Review 

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Comparative, cross-cultural, and cross-national research: A comment on good and bad practice
John Cadogan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Benefits-based drivers of exporters’ attitudinal commitment toward their foreign distributors: A longitudinal study
Claude Obadia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Animosity, subjective norms, and anticipated emotions during an international crisis
Amro A. Maher, Sarah Mady [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Immigrant employee effects in international strategy: An exploratory study of international service firms
Henry F.L. Chung, Peter Enderwick, Jinda Naruemitmongkonsuk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cross-cultural comparisons of consumer satisfaction ratings: A perspective from Albert Hirschman’s theory
Lola C. Duque, Nora Lado [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The cross-cultural appropriateness of survey-based value(s) research: A review of methodological issues and suggestion of alternative methodology
Leah Watkins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]