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Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 34(6)

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Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 

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Governance and Trust in Family Firms: An Introduction
Kimberly A. Eddleston, James J. Chrisman, Lloyd P. Steier and Jess H. Chua [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Experiencing Family Business Creation: Differences Between Founders, Nonfamily Managers, and Founders of Nonfamily Firms
Michael H. Morris, Jeffrey A. Allen, Donald F. Kuratko and David Brannon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emotions and Family Business Creation: An Extension and Implications
Laura J. Stanley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is Blood Thicker Than Water? A Study of Stewardship Perceptions in Family Business
James H. Davis, Mathew R. Allen and H. David Hayes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Leadership Perspective of Reciprocal Stewardship in Family Firms
Allison W. Pearson and Laura E. Marler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Family Representation on CEO Compensation
James G. Combs, Christopher R. Penney, T. Russell Crook and Jeremy C. Short [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Markets, Hierarchies, and Families: Toward a Transaction Cost Theory of the Family Firm
Eric Gedajlovic and Michael Carney [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transaction Cost Economics (TCE) and the Family Firm
Alain Verbeke and Liena Kano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]