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European Journal of Marketing, 44(11/12)

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European Journal of Marketing 

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Differentiating high involved product by trivial attributes for product line extension strategy
Pi-Chuan Sun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A suggested typology of Greek upscale hotels based on their MrkIS: Implications for hotels’ overall effectiveness
Kalliopi C. Chatzipanagiotou, Christos D. Coritos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organisational learning and value creation in business markets
José Ángel López Sánchez, María Leticia Santos Vijande, Juan Antonio Trespalacios Gutiérrez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International marketing decision governance, standardisation, and performance: A framework in the cross-market scenario
Henry F.L. Chung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internal-market orientation: a misconceived aspect of marketing theory
Spiros Gounaris, Aikaterini Vassilikopoulou, Kalliopi C. Chatzipanagiotou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer adoption of technological innovations: Effects of psychological and functional barriers in a lack of content versus a presence of content situation
Michael Antioco, Mirella Kleijnen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internationalization and innovation in a network relationship context
Sylvie K. Chetty, Loren M. Stangl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Visual product aesthetics: A hierarchical analysis of its trait and value antecedents and its behavioral consequences
John C. Mowen, Xiang Fang, Kristin Scott [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evaluating the effectiveness of brand-positioning strategies from a consumer perspective
Christoph Fuchs, Adamantios Diamantopoulos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer responses to ecolabels
John Thøgersen, Pernille Haugaard, Anja Olesen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The “killer” ad: an assessment of advertising violence
Magnus Söderlund, Micael Dahlén [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The risk reduction role of advertising in relation to price rigidity
Guan-Ru Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building corporate reputation with stakeholders: Exploring the role of message ambiguity for social marketers
Sonia Dickinson-Delaporte, Michael Beverland, Adam Lindgreen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]