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Wharton Interactive Media Initiative and Marketing Science Institute Cross-Platform and Multichannel Consumer Behavior Conference, Philadelphia, 9-10 Dec 2010

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Crossplatform and Multichannel Customer Behavior

A conference from the Wharton Interactive Media Initiative and MSI

The Wharton Interactive Media Initiative (WIMI) and Marketing Science Institute (MSI) invite you to attend “Crossplatform and Multichannel Consumer Behavior,” a two-day conference at the Wharton School. Showcasing WIMI and MSI supported research of distinguished academicians, this conference promises to provide a wealth of insight and information about how users are navigating digital media across a variety of platforms.

December 9 – 10, 2010
The Wharton School
Philadelphia, PA

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With a proliferation of media and channels, managing the marketing mix is critical for firms today. Technology enables firms that operate on multiple platforms to track individual-level behavior within and across channels, deriving valuable insights regarding customer behavior and the effectiveness of marketing actions. Among the questions this conference will address:

  • What are the implications of new media and channels (especially online and mobile) for managing customer relationships, marketing communications, and branding?
  • How should firms use new media and channels to interact with and enhance relationships with customers and influence their purchase behavior?
  • How do new and traditional marketing activities work together to influence consumer perceptions, preferences and behaviors?
  • How do different consumer groups respond to different communications activities and channels for different categories and markets?

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