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Dan Laufer offers and seeks materials for teaching crisis management

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In the aftermath of high profile crises such as BP and Toyota, business schools around the world are starting to consider offering courses on Crisis Management. A number of faculty have contacted me to request articles that would be useful in putting together courses on Crisis Management. Recently a number of my articles on the topic have become available online, which I thought may be of interest to you:

1) AACSB BizEd Article (Oct 2010): “Charting a Course Through Crisis” – This lead article describes how to teach crisis management courses in business schools, and includes useful resources:

2) PwC Interview (Oct 2010): "The art and science of crisis management" – In this extensive interview in PwC’s magazine "Keyword", I discuss a wide range of topics relating to Crisis Management including my recent research on product recall communications:

3) American Marketing Association (AMA) Newsletter – In the August issue of the AMA Global Marketing Special Interest Group newsletter, I discuss cross-cultural differences in consumer reactions to crises: “Global Product Harm Crises: Cross-Cultural Differences in Blame Attributions and Managerial Implications for MNCs" – Select August 2010 issue

I hope you find this information useful. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for useful material to incorporate in Crisis Management courses. I teach seminars on the topic at universities around the world, and I’m always interested in learning about new material that is effective in the classroom.


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