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Journal of Vacation Marketing, 16(4)

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Journal of Vacation Marketing 

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Michael Bosnjak and Linda Osti [Publisher]

Mobile advergames in tourism marketing
Evrim Celtek [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Atmospherics on tour operators’ websites: Website features that stimulate emotional response
Peter Bjork [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bloggers’ reported tourist experiences: Their utility as a tourism data source and their effect on prospective tourists
Serena Volo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Cultural proximity’ as a determinant of destination image
Elisabeth Kastenholz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Negative symbolic aspects in destination branding: Exploring the role of the ‘undesired self’ on web-based vacation information search intentions among potential first-time visitors
Michael Bosnjak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hiking as a relevant wellness activity – results of an exploratory study of hiking tourists in Portugal applied to a rural tourism project
Aurea Rodrigues, Elisabeth Kastenholz, and Apolonia Rodrigues [Publisher] [Google Scholar]