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Journal of International Marketing, 18(4)

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Journal of International Marketing 

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Realizing Product-Market Advantage in High-Technology International New Ventures: The Mediating Role of Ambidextrous Innovation
Mathew Hughes, Silvia L Martin, Robert E Morgan, Matthew J Robson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Going Global with Innovations from Emerging Economies: Investment in Customer Support Capabilities Pays Off
Susanna Khavul, Mark Peterson, Drake Mullens, Abdul A Rasheed [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Global Research-and-Development Network and Its Effect on Innovation
Changsu Kim, Jong-Hun Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Extending the Environment-Strategy-Performance Framework: The Roles of Multinational Corporation Network Strength, Market Responsiveness, and Product Innovation
Ruby P Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing Knowledge for Innovation: The Role of Cooperation, Competition, and Alliance Nationality
Haisu Zhang, Chengli Shu, Xu Jiang, Alan J Malter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]