TOC: J Emerging Knowledge Emerging Markets


The Journal of Emerging Knowledge on Emerging Markets, 2

Jagdish Sheth [Publisher]

Editor-in-Chief’s Note
Ashok Roy [Publisher]

How Emerging Market Firms Compete in Global Markets
Rajaram Veliyath, Lance Brouthers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International Trade as an Engine of Economic growth Revisited: A case of Egypt
Galen Smith, Kishore G. Kulkarni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Nano Controversy: Peasant Identities, the Land Question and Neoliberal Industrialization in Marxist West Bengal, India
Sarasij Majumder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fractals: A More Dynamic & Multidimensional Approach to Business Analytics
Priya Roy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding Brazil’s Oil Industry: Policy Dynamics and Self-Sufficiency
Erjia Guan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Turkey: Another $1 Trillion Emerging Economy?
Murat Doral [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: The Emergence of a Super Zone
Carola B Ramon-Berjano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

India’s Emerging Technology Commercialization Policy: Lessons From The American Model
Roop Singh, Sonali Tare [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Flying Towards the Successful Skies:The Emerging Region Multinationals
Roli Nigam, Zhan Su [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Economics and Psychology: Exciting Interface in the Emerging Market Milieu
Sudhanva Char, Cherry A. Collier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]