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Transformative Consumer Research for Personal and Collective Well-Being, Book edited by David Glen Mick, Simone Pettigrew, Cornelia Pechmann and Julie L. Ozanne

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M. Csikszentmihalyi, Foreword: Consuming and Evolving.

Part 1: Declaring and Projecting Transformative Consumer Research

D.G. Mick, S. Pettigrew, C. Pechmann, J.L. Ozanne, The Origins, Qualities, and Envisionments of Transformative Consumer Research.

A.R. Andreasen, M.E. Goldberg, M.J. Sirgy, Foundational Research on Consumer Welfare: Opportunities for a Transformative Consumer Research Agenda.

B. Wansink, Activism Research: Designing Transformative Lab and Field Studies.

J.L. Ozanne, E.M. Fischer, Sensitizing Principles and Practices Central to Social Change Methodologies.

Part 2: Economic and Social Issues

M. Viswanathan, Conducting Transformative Consumer Research: Lessons Learned in Moving from Basic Research to Transformative Impact in Subsistence Markets.

C.J. Shultz II, S.J. Shapiro,Transformative Consumer Research in Developing Economies: Perspectives, Trends, and Reflections from the Field.

J.A. Rosa, S. Geiger-Oneta, A. Barrios Fajardo, Hope and Innovativeness: Transformative Factors for Subsistence Consumer Merchants.

J.D. Williams, G.R. Henderson, Discrimination and Injustice in the Marketplace: They Come in All Sizes, Shapes, and Colors.

Part 3: Technological Edges

D.L. Hoffman, Internet Indispensability, Online Social Capital, and Consumer Well-Being.

R.V. Kozinets, F.M. Belz, P. McDonagh, Social Media for Social Change: A TCR Perspective.

T.P. Novak, Quality of Virtual Life.

Part 4: Materialism and the Environment

J.E. Burroughs, A. Rindfleisch, What Welfare? On the Definition and Domain of Transformative Consumer Research and the Foundational Role of Materialism.

P. McDonagh, S. Dobscha, A. Prothero, Sustainable Consumption and Production: Challenges for Transformative Consumer Research.

W. Kilbourne, J. Mittelstaedt, From Profligacy to Sustainability: Can We Get There from Here? Transforming the Ideology of Consumption.

Part 5: Enhancing Health

S. A. Grier, E.S. Moore, Tackling the Childhood Obesity Epidemic: An Opportunity for Transformative Consumer Research.

K.G. Grunert, L.E. Bolton, M.M. Raats, Processing and Acting upon Nutrition Labeling on Food: The State of Knowledge and New Directions for Transformative Consumer Research.

C. Pechmann, A. Biglan, J.W. Grube, C. Cody, Transformative Consumer Research for Addressing Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption.

M. Fishbein, S. E. Middlestadt, Using Behavioral Theory to Transform Consumers and Their Environment to Prevent the Spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Part 6: Consumer Finances

G. Loewenstein, C.E. Cryder, S. Benartzi, A. Previtero, Addition by Division: Partitioning Real Accounts for Financial Well-Being.

D. Soman, A. Cheema, E.Y. Chan, Understanding Consumer Psychology to Avoid Abuse of Credit Cards.

P.A. Keller, A. Lusardi, Employee Retirement Savings: What We Know and What We Are Discovering for Helping People to Prepare for Life after Work.

Part 7: Other Risky Behaviors and At-Risk Consumers R.J. Faber, K.D. Vohs, A Model of Self-Regulation: Insights for Impulsive and Compulsive Problems with Eating and Buying.

J. Cotte, K.A. LaTour, Gambling Beliefs vs. Reality: Implications for Transformative Public Policy.

J.M. Albright, Porn 2.0: The Libidinal Economy and the Consumption of Desire in the Digital Age.

A. Litt, D.M. Pirouz, B. Shiv, Neuroscience and Addictive Consumption. S. Menzel Baker, M. Mason, Toward a Process Theory of Consumer Vulnerability and Resiliency: Illuminating Its Transformative Potential.

S. Pettigrew, G. Moschis, Consumer Well-Being in Later Life.

Part 8: Family Matters

R.J. Prinz, Effective Parenting to Prevent Adverse Outcomes and Promote Child Well-Being at a Population Level.

A.M. Epp, L.L. Price, Family Time in Consumer Culture: Implications for Transformative Consumer Research.

Part 9: Enriching Behaviors and Virtues

R. Belk, R. Llamas, The Nature and Effects of Sharing in Consumer Behavior.

S.R. Maddi, Resilience and Consumer Behavior for Higher Quality of Life.

D.G. Mick, B. Schwartz, Can Consumers Be Wise? Aristotle Speaks to the 21st Century.

Part 10: Epilogue

D.R. Lehmann, R.P. Hill, Epilogue to Transformative Consumer Research: Suggestions for the Future.

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