AQ and PQ Status


Douglas Friedman seeks help with standards for Academically Qualified and Professionally Qualified status for faculty at institutions that might resemble his, namely East Stroudsburg University

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East Stroudsburg University is looking to have our undergraduate business program become AACSB accredited. I have been tasked with finding out what comparable schools use as standards for determining Academically Qualified (AQ) and Professionally Qualified (PQ) status for faculty. We have information for balanced schools and teaching-oriented schools with MBA programs, but not a direct match. ESU is a teaching-oriented school with only an undergraduate business program. We also have a fairly small faculty (9, with plans to expand to 12). If anyone at a similar, but accredited institution can share your AQ/PQ standards, I’d appreciate it. Please send the information to

Douglas C. Friedman
Associate Professor of Marketing
East Stroudsburg University
Department of Business Management
208 Smith Street
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301