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Marketing Science, 29(5)

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Moment-to-Moment Optimal Branding in TV Commercials: Preventing Avoidance by Pulsing
Thales S. Teixeira, Michel Wedel, and Rik Pieters [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Growing Two-Sided Networks by Advertising the User Base: A Field Experiment
Catherine Tucker and Juanjuan Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Positive Effects of Negative Publicity: When Negative Reviews Increase Sales
Jonah Berger, Alan T. Sorensen, and Scott J. Rasmussen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stock Market Response to Regulatory Reports of Deceptive Advertising: The Moderating Effect of Omission Bias and Firm Reputation
Michael A. Wiles, Shailendra P. Jain, Saurabh Mishra, and Charles Lindsey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Equilibrium Returns Policies in the Presence of Supplier Competition
Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay and Anand A. Paul [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Empirical Analysis of Assortment Similarities Across U.S. Supermarkets
Minha Hwang, Bart J. Bronnenberg, and Raphael Thomadsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multicriterion Market Segmentation: A New Model, Implementation, and Evaluation
Ying Liu, Sudha Ram, Robert F. Lusch, and Michael Brusco [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating the Strategic Influence of Customer and Employee Satisfaction on Firm Financial Performance
Jeffrey P. Dotson and Greg M. Allenby [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dynamic Allocation of Pharmaceutical Detailing and Sampling for Long-Term Profitability
Ricardo Montoya, Oded Netzer, and Kamel Jedidi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pricing, Frills, and Customer Ratings
Dmitri Kuksov and Ying Xie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Online User Reviews on Movie Box Office Performance: Accounting for Sequential Rollout and Aggregation Across Local Markets
Pradeep K. Chintagunta, Shyam Gopinath, and Sriram Venkataraman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]