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Journal of Product Innovation Management, 27(6)

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Journal of Product Innovation Management 

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Technology Alliance Portfolios and Financial Performance: Value-Enhancing and Cost-Increasing Effects of Open Innovation
Dries Faems, Matthias De Visser, Petra Andries and Bart Van Looy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Living Twice: How a Product Goes through Multiple Life Cycles
John K. Christiansen, Claus J. Varnes, Marta Gasparin, Diana Storm-Nielsen and Erik Johnsen Vinther [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Get Fat Fast: Surviving Stage-Gate? in NPD
Kim Van Oorschot, Kishore Sengupta, Henk Akkermans and Luk Van Wassenhove [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic Innovation Decisions: What You Foresee Is Not What You Get
Rudy K.a Moenaert, Henry Robben, Michael Antioco, Veroniek De Schamphelaere and Eveline Roks [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Positive and Negative Effects of Team Stressors on Job Satisfaction and New Product Performance
Ana I. Rodríguez-Escudero, Pilar Carbonell and Jose L. Munuera-Aleman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technological Activities and Their Impact on the Financial Performance of the Firm: Exploitation and Exploration within and between Firms
Rene Belderbos, Dries Faems, Bart Leten and Bart Van Looy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing Innovation Fields in a Cross-Industry Exploratory Partnership with C–K Design Theory
Thomas Gillier, Gerald Piat, Benoît Roussel and Patrick Truchot [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Crossing Domain-Specific Boundaries in Search of Innovation: Exploring the Potential of Pyramiding
Marion K. Poetz and Reinhard Prügl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the Impact of Technological Competence Development on Speed and NPD Program Performance
Nuran Acur, Destan Kandemir, Petra C. De Weerd-Nederhof and Michael Song [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Burning the Ships: Intellectual Property and the Transformation of Microsoft by Marshall Phelps and David Kline
Teresa Jurgens-Kowal [Publisher]

The Design of Business: Why Design Thinking Is the Next Competitive Advantage by Roger Martin and Design-Driven Innovation: Changing the Rules of Competition by Radically Innovating What Things Mean by Roberto Verganti
George Castellion [Publisher] [