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Econometrica, 78(5)

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Last-In First-Out Oligopoly Dynamics
Jaap H. Abbring and Jeffrey R. Campbell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Identification and Estimation of a Discrete Game of Complete Information
Patrick Bajari, Han Hong and Stephen P. Ryan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nonparametric Identification and Estimation of Nonadditive Hedonic Models
James J. Heckman, Rosa L. Matzkin and Lars Nesheim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Coalitional Nash Bargaining Solution
Olivier Compte and Philippe Jehiel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Asymptotic Equivalence of Probabilistic Serial and Random Priority Mechanisms
Yeon-Koo Che and Fuhito Kojima [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Repeated Games Where the Payoffs and Monitoring Structure Are Unknown
Drew Fudenberg and Yuichi Yamamoto [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Axiomatization of the Serial Cost-Sharing Method
Yves Sprumont [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Monotonicity and Implementability
Itai Ashlagi, Mark Braverman, Avinatan Hassidim and Dov Monderer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]