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Journal of Services Marketing, 24(6)

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Journal of Services Marketing 

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Customers behaving badly: a state of the art review, research agenda and implications for practitioners
Ray Fisk, Stephen Grove, Lloyd C. Harris, Dominique A. Keeffe, Kate L. Daunt (née Reynolds), Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Jochen Wirtz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Not always co-creation: introducing interactional co-destruction of value in service-dominant logic
Loïc Plé, Rubén Chumpitaz Cáceres [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Deviant employees and dreadful service encounters: customer tales of discord and distrust
Anthony Patterson, Steve Baron [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Frequent (flier) frustration and the dark side of word-of-web: exploring online dysfunctional behavior in online feedback forums
Sven Tuzovic [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Spirals of distrust vs spirals of trust in retail customer service: consumers as victims or allies
Lorraine A. Friend, Carolyn L. Costley, Charis Brown [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Drawing the line: how inspectors enact deviant behaviors
Jean-Baptiste Suquet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The international search for ethics norms: which consumer behaviors do consumers consider (un)acceptable?
Larry Neale, Sam Fullerton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]