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Journal of Management, 36(6)

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Journal of Management 

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Divestiture and Firm Performance: A Meta-Analysis
Donghun "Don" Lee and Ravi Madhavan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Development and Validation of the Feedback Orientation Scale (FOS)
Beth A. Linderbaum and Paul E. Levy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Family Involvement and Helping Behavior in Teams
Lieke L. ten Brummelhuis, Tanja van der Lippe, and Esther S. Kluwer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are You Willing and Able? Roles of Motivation, Power, and Politics in Career Growth
Yongmei Liu, Jun Liu, and Longzeng Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does the Market Respond to an Endorsement of Social Responsibility? The Role of Institutions, Information, and Legitimacy
Jonathan P. Doh, Shawn D. Howton, Shelly W. Howton, and Donald S. Siegel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Job Demands and Emotional Exhaustion in the Relationship Between Customer and Employee Incivility
Danielle D. van Jaarsveld, David D. Walker, and Daniel P. Skarlicki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Optimism and the Nonlinear Citizenship Behavior — Job Satisfaction Relationship in Three Studies
Timothy P. Munyon, Wayne A. Hochwarter, Pamela L. Perrewe, and Gerald R. Ferris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Thriving in the New: Implication of Exploration on Organizational Longevity
Ming Piao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Too Good to Be True? Understanding Change in Organizational Outcomes
Christopher D. Nye, Bradley J. Brummel, and Fritz Drasgow [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Breach Begets Breach: Trickle-Down Effects of Psychological Contract Breach on Customer Service
Prashant Bordia, Simon Lloyd D. Restubog, Sarbari Bordia, and Robert L. Tang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]