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Journal of Consumer Marketing, 27(6)

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Journal of Consumer Marketing 

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Assembly and component origin effects: an ASEAN consumer perspective
Kai-Uwe Seidenfuss, Yunus Kathawala, Keith Dinnie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Factors influencing product involvement among young consumers
Tali Te’eni-Harari, Jacob Hornik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing a consumer durable brand in Malaysia: a conjoint analysis and market simulation
Fon Sim Ong, Philip J. Kitchen, Shih Shiuan Chew [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer perceptions of extended warranties and service providers
Gerald Albaum, James Wiley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Fish out of water”: understanding decision-making and coping strategies of English as second language consumers through a situational literacy perspective
Madhu Viswanathan, Carlos Torelli, Sukki Yoon, Hila Riemer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Parental evaluation of popular brand names given as Christmas gifts and sources of information used in these decisions
Peter Clarke, Andrew McAuley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer perceptions of cause related marketing campaigns
Dirk C. Moosmayer, Alexandre Fuljahn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultural comparison for the acceptance of online apparel customization
Hira Cho, Yun Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]