People and Org Performance


The Forum for People Performance solicits dissertations on the role of employees in org performance, particularly with respect to customer service and interactions; Deadline 12 Nov 2010

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2010-2011 Doctoral Dissertation
Award Competition

The Forum for People Performance is an independent association dedicated to the development and dissemination of knowledge about how people drive organizational performance. The Forum announces a competition for funding to support doctoral dissertations in people performance. The key requirement for funding is that the research addresses the relationship between employees, or other key constituents, to specific metrics of an organization’s performance.

Potential Research Topics

Subjects that may be funded by the Forum include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizational culture, leadership and how they affect employee perceptions and behaviors including satisfaction, engagement, retention and performance
  • Employee engagement and the management practices that influence it
  • The relationship between employee engagement and company performance
  • The impact of training and other management initiatives in improving the performance of people
  • Practices for engaging and motivating business partners such as franchisees, sales agents or distributors
  • The impact of incentive, recognition or reward programs on employees and their performance
  • Internal communications and marketing practices and their impact on people
  • Metrics of people and their contributions to organizations, e.g., employee lifetime value or the economic value added of people

Proposals will be evaluated relative to the quality of the research design and methodology and the relevance of the research to the performance of organizations, particularly with respect to how interactions and relationships between and among people drive the performance of organizations in the context of the human value connection – the concept that organizations succeed by leveraging connections across people.

Submissions are encouraged from doctoral students in Management, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Psychology or any other area in which the study of the performance of people in organizations takes place.

Award Details

Recipients of the doctoral dissertation reward will obtain:

  • A cash stipend of $2,500 that may be used for data collection, analysis and reporting as well as travel to academic conferences
  • Access to potential data sources from businesses and other organizations affiliated with the Forum. Examples of data sources for past studies include a major hotel chain, a large urban hospital, and an insurance company sales force

Submissions will be accepted only from students registers in a doctoral program for the 2009-20010 academic year. Interested doctoral students should submit a research abstracts of up to seven pages, double spaced. Students should also submit a vita and a statement describing their research interests. The abstract should provide a clear statement of the research topic, theoretical foundations and proposed methodology. Funded research is expected to make use of real-world data and, in addition to contributing to the academic literature, have relevance to industry.

The deadline for submissions is November 12, 2010

The notification of the award is December 30, 2010

Submissions should me made electronically, in WORD or PDF files, to:

Frank Mulhern
Associate Dean for Research
Medill School
Northwestern University
1845 Sheridan Rd.
Evanston, IL 60208

Additional information on the Forum for People Performance can be found at