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A review of representation issues and modeling challenges with influence diagrams
Concha Bielza, Manuel Gómez, Prakash P. Shenoy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Restrictiveness and guidance in support systems
Paul Goodwin, Robert Fildes, Michael Lawrence, Greg Stephens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Optimal design of supply chain networks under uncertain transient demand variations
Michael C. Georgiadis, Panagiotis Tsiakis, Pantelis Longinidis, Maria K. Sofioglou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Makespan and workstation utilization minimization in a flowshop with operations flexibility
Alex J. Ruiz-Torres, Johnny C. Ho, José H. Ablanedo-Rosas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Efficiency determinants in retail stores: a Bayesian framework
A. George Assaf, Carlos Barros, Ricardo Sellers-Rubio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An iterated greedy algorithm for the flowshop scheduling problem with blocking
Imma Ribas, Ramon Companys, Xavier Tort-Martorell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A competitive multiple-product newsboy problem with partial product substitution
Di Huang, Hong Zhou, Qiu-Hong Zhao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supply chain configuration for diffusion of new products: An integrated optimization approach
Mehdi Amini, Haitao Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Association of DEA super-efficiency estimates with financial ratios: Investigating the case for Chinese banks
Necmi K. Avkiran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The facility location problem with Bernoulli demands
Maria Albareda-Sambola, Elena Fernández, Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The exact fill rate in a periodic review base stock system under normally distributed demand
Edward A. Silver, Diane P. Bischak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the benefits of operational flexibility in a distribution network with transshipment
Dennis Z. Yu, Sammi Y. Tang, Julie Niederhoff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding multi-methodology: Evaluating the perceived impact of mixing methods for group budgetary decisions
L. Alberto Franco, Ewan Lord [Publisher] [Google Scholar]