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International Business Review, 19(6)

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International Business Review 

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An exploration of managerial discretion and its impact on firm performance: Task autonomy, contractual control, and compensation
Yanni Yan, Chan Yan Chong, Simon Mak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Performance, diversity, and multiplicity of foreign cross-listing portfolios
Elitsa R. Banalieva, Christopher J. Robertson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of institutional impediments and information and knowledge exchange on SMEs’ investments in international business relationships
Sara Jonsson, Jessica Lindbergh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does multinationality lead to value enhancement? An empirical examination of publicly listed corporations from Germany
Stefan Eckert, Marcus Dittfeld, Thomas Muche, Susanne Rässler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

External uncertainty and entry mode choice: Cultural distance, political risk and language diversity?
Cristina López-Duarte, Marta M. Vidal-Suárez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The global smaller firm in international entrepreneurship
Pavlos Dimitratos, Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki, Antigoni Pitsoulaki, Heinz Josef Tüselmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Firm performance and international diversification: The internal and external competitive advantages
Alfredo M. Bobillo, Felix López-Iturriaga, Fernando Tejerina-Gaite [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does political risk affect the scope of the expansion abroad? Evidence from Spanish MNEs
Alfredo Jiménez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

UNCTAD, World Investment Report 2009: Transnational Corporations , Agricultural Production and Development, Geneva (2009).
Philippe Gugler [Publisher]