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Strategic Management Journal, 31(11)

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Strategic Management Journal 

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The effect of board capital and CEO power on strategic change
Katalin Takacs Haynes and Amy Hillman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managerial decision making and firm performance under a resource-based paradigm
Martin H. Kunc and John D. W. Morecroft [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The hidden costs of outsourcing: evidence from patent data
Markus Reitzig and Stefan Wagner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Keep out’ signs: the role of deterrence in the competition for resources
Gavin Clarkson and Puay Khoon Toh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does subnational region matter? Foreign affiliate performance in the United states and China
Christine M. Chan, Shige Makino and Takehiko Isobe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rank friction: an ordinal approach to persistent profitability
Thomas C. Powell and Ingo Reinhardt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]