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Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 27(6)

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Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 

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Service Failure and Recovery in a Strategic Airline Alliance Context: Interplay of Locus of Service Failure and Social Identity
Karin Weber; Beverley Sparks [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Resource Investments and Loyalty to Recreational Sport Tourism Event
Isao Okayasu; Haruo Nogawa; Duarte B. Morais [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Online Information Search Strategies: A Focus On Flights and Accommodations
Soo Hyun Jun; Christine A. Vogt; Kelly J. MacKay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What No Pasties!? Reading the Cornish Tourism Brochure
Richard Tresidder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Willingness to Pay for Biodiversity Conservation
Amit K. Bhandari; Almas Heshmati [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Experiential Reciprocity: The Role of Direct Experience in Value Perceptions
Dale W. Russell; Cristel Antonia Russell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Analysis of The Lowest Fares and Shortest Durations for Air-Tickets on Travel Agency Websites
Rob Law; Basak Denizci Guillet; Rosanna Leung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internet and Tourism–Part XXIX: Google Maps
Rob Law [Publisher] [Google Scholar]