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International Journal of e-Business Research, 47(5)

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International Journal of e-Business Research 

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Effects of e-CRM Value Perceptions on Website Loyalty: An Empirical Investigation from Customer Perspective
Wen-Jang Jih, Su-Fang Lee

An Exploratory Look at Attributes of Internet Use and Adoption by Franchisees
Kelley O’Reilly, Zsoft Ugray

Towards an Understanding of User Acceptance to Use Biometrics Authentication Systems in E-commerce: Using an Extension of the Technology Acceptance Model
Fahad Harby, Rami Qahwajim, Mumtaz Kamala

An Empirical Study of Predicting Hong Kong Consumers’ Online Shopping Intentions: Personal Hygiene Products
T.C.E. Cheng, M. Chung

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