Brand, Corporate Identity and Reputation 2011


7th Global Brand Conference of the Academy of Marketing?s Special Interest Group on Brand, Corporate Identity and Reputation Special Interest Group, Oxford, 6-9 Apr 2011; Deadline 10 Dec

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Brand, Identity and Reputation: Exploring and Creating New Realities and Fresh Perspectives on Multi-Sensory Experiences

7th Global Brand Conference of the AM Brand, Corporate Identity and Reputation SIG

April 6th – 9th 2011

Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford, UK

This 7th Global Brand Conference moves the research agenda forward in its focus on brand, identity and reputation in the 21st century. With the innovations of the Internet and virtual reality developments adding to and intensifying our multisensory experiences, real-life physical interactions with brands become more important than ever before. Organisations seek to engage customers and other stakeholders through multiple sensory touch points in order to create brand impact and long-lasting experiences. Multi-sensory brand experiences lead to memorable and emotional connections as customers on b2b as well as b2c platforms seek genuine experiences rather than just communications. The role and impact of sensory encounters in stimulating and engaging customers through the brand experience is increasingly acknowledged through theories and research studies underpinning customer responses to brand, identity and reputation-based concepts. With this in mind, we invite colleagues to submit conceptual, empirical and practitioner-led papers employing qualitative, quantitative, critical and/or blended approaches on the above theme and other areas of emerging topics of interest relating to the focus of the AM Branding Special Interest Group.

This conference signals the global impact and thought leadership of our SIG as we continue to build strongly on the successes of previous AM International Branding SIG conferences at ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain; University of Cambridge, UK; Robert C. Goizueta School of Business, Emory University, Atlanta USA; Brunel Business School; Manchester Business School, UK, Birmingham Business School UK and preceding meetings at Cass Business School, UK, Aston Business School and University of Nottingham Business School. The Oxford conference will provide a forum for global gatherings with a strong multidisciplinary orientation.

Conference Website:

Deadline for abstracts: 10th December 2011
Deadline for Early Bird Conference Registration 7th of February 2011
Deadline for Submission of full papers: 28th February 2011


  • Brand Sensory Perception
  • Organisation Identity, Brand and Reputation
  • Packaging and Sensory Perception
  • The Importance of Culture in Identity Building
  • Branding, Packaging and Advertising
  • Organisation Identity and Stakeholder perspective
  • Aesthetic, Design and Visual dimensions of Branding
  • Organisation Identity, Brand and Reputation
  • Audio, Sonic, Visual, Haptics and Brand Experience
  • Corporate Identity Management
  • Corporate Reputation and CSR
  • Creating and Sustaining Ethical Brand Identities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Branding
  • Nation, Place and City Branding
  • Social Construction and Changing Consumption Patterns in Corporate Identity and Branding
  • The Impact of Branding on Creating Market Access for Emerging Economies
  • Symbolic Consumption and Luxury Branding
  • Brand dynamics for the Voluntary/Third/Not-for-profit sector
  • Social construction Influences on Corporate Reputation, Identity and Branding
  • Professional Services Firms and Corporate Branding
  • Empowering Customers thorough Qualitative approaches to the Brand Experience
  • Impact of Social Networks and Emerging Media,
  • User Generated Content and Trivertising
  • B2B Branding and Organisational Identity
  • Digital ‘emerging’ Media and the Brand
  • Internal Brand and Employee Engagement
  • Political, Celebrity and Personal Brand Identity
  • Entrepreneurial Branding and small/medium firms
  • Sport and Celebrity Branding and Identity
  • Soft innovation, Branding and NPD Success
  • Personal Brand and Celebrity Diplomacy
  • Innovation, Creativity, Essence and Value Propositions
  • Research Methods in Brand, Identity and Reputation Research
  • Internal Brand and Employee Engagement
  • Theory, Theorizing Research in Brand, Identity Reputation
  • Entrepreneurial Branding and small/medium firms
  • Trust, Experience and Service Brand Reputation

Guest Speakers

Angel Alloza
Director of Strategy and Evaluation,
Global Branding in Communication, BVVA

Professor John M T Balmer
Brunel Business School
Brunel University, London

Ian Ewart Head of Marketing Barclays Wealth

Professor Gary Davies Manchester Business School

Wally Olins
Saffron Consulting

Professor Simon Knox
Cranfield School of Management

Gordon Pincott Chairman, Global-Solutions, Millward Brown

Professor Mark Uncles
University of New South Wales, Australia

Post-conference, authors are encouraged to submit full papers which will be double-blind reviewed and, if accepted, published in Special Issues of (1) Journal of Marketing Management and Journal of Product and Brand Management. Papers will also be recommended for consideration through the double-blind review process in the Journal of Brand Management and Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal. Authors should please note that the decision to publish in any of these three journals will be based solely on the feedback and the comments from the reviewers.

Conference Co-Chairs

Dr. Ming Lim
University of Leicester
School of Management

Prof. Len Tiu Wright De Montfort University
Faculty of Business and Law

Conference Fees

*FULL CONFERENCE FEE: £390.00 (AM Members) (£420.00 After 01/Februay /2011).
Excluding the cost of Accommodation at Oxford Students’ Hall of Residence

*±NON-AM MEMBER FEE: £425.00 (£450.00 After 01/February/2011)
Excluding the cost of Accommodation at Oxford Students’ Hall of Residence

*+PhD/Doctoral Researchers: £260.00 (£280 after 01/February /2011) Excluding the cost of Accommodation at Oxford Students’ Hall of Residence

*All the above charges are inclusive of Conference fee; Coffee, tea, buffet lunch, buffet dinner and ISBN numbered conference abstracts
±This includes a one-year membership to the Academy of Marketing.
+The Doctoral Researchers’ fee is applicable to the specially designed colloquium section of the conference only. This does not include one year membership of the Academy of Marketing.

SIG Committee

Dr. Temi Abimbola, Warwick Business School
Dr. Francisco Guzmàn – University of North Texas, USA
Dr. Oriol Iglesias –ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain
Professor TC Melewar – Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Stuart Roper – Manchester Business School
Dr. Myfanwy Trueman – Bradford School of Management

Advisory Committee

Dr. Samaa Taher M. Attia, The British University in Egypt (BUE)
Professor Mike Bastin, Visiting Professor, China Agriculture University
Dr. Ian Brennan, Hasan School of Business, Colorado State University-Pueblo
Dr. Joachim Kernstock, St. Gallen University Switzerland
Nicola Kleyn, Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria
Dr. John Nadeau, School of Business and Economics, Nipissing University, Ontario Canada
Dr. Norm O’Reilly, Stanford University; Associate Professor, David Falk Center for Sport Management, Syracuse University
Dr. Jatinder Singh, ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain
Dr. Christine Vallaster, University of Liechtenstein
Dr. Tina Xu – University of Hull, UK