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Young Consumers, 11(3)

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Young Consumers 

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Food on young children’s television in the UK
Caroline J. Oates, Nicki Newman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shopping with mum – mother and daughter consumer socialization
Stella Minahan, Patricia Huddleston [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Magnetism of shopping malls on young Turkish consumers
Tulin Vural Arslan, Filiz Senkal Sezer, Erkan Isigicok [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethnic advertising: adolescents’ attitudes towards target and non-target advertisements
Muhammad Mohsin Butt, Ernest Cyril de Run [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regulating child-related advertising in Nigeria
Ayantunji Gbadamosi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rental experience and likelihood to purchase rental car insurance among young adults
Dwane H. Dean [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Idolizing sport celebrities: a gateway to psychopathology?
Michael R. Hyman, Jeremy J. Sierra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contests: from a young consumer’s perspective
Wang Hongjun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]