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Journal of Consumer Affairs, 44(3)

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Journal of Consumer Affairs 

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Weighing in on Fast Food Consumption: The Effects of Meal and Calorie Disclosures on Consumer Fast Food Evaluations
Andrea Heintz Tangari, Scot Burton, Elizabeth Howlett, Yoon-Na Cho and Anastasia Thyroff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investment Decisions for Retirement Savings
Hazel Bateman, Jordan Louviere, Susan Thorp, Towhidul Islam and Stephen Satchell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Financial Education and Counseling—Still Holding Promise
J. Michael Collins and Collin M. O’Rourke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of Nutrition Information on Choice: The Roles of Temptation, Conflict and Self-Control
Louise M. Hassan, Edward M. K. Shiu and Nina Michaelidou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Use of Food Labels as a Weight Loss Behavior
Bidisha Mandal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nanotechnology for Food Applications: More Questions Than Answers
Jean C. Buzby [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Lessons from Credit Bureaus for Improving the Market for Electronic Medical Records
Craig Richardson, Mark Hall and Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Insurance Demand Anomalies and Regulation
Daniel Schwarcz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Colston E. Warne Lecture: Consumer Protection 2.0—Protecting Consumers in the 21st Century
Edmund Mierzwinski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Literacy for Credence Services: Helping the Invisible Hand
Rachel Smith and Marla B. Royne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

So You Want to Be an Expert Witness?
Jane Kolodinsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Reply: An Attorney’s Reaction to Professor Kolodinsky’s Observations, by Seth Richard Lesser
Seth Richard Lesser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Editors Talking
Herbert Jack Rotfeld [Publisher]