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Second Annual Sustainability in Marketing Colloquium, Lexington, KY, 3 Dec 2010

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The Von Allmen Center for Green Marketing is pleased to announce the second annual Sustainability in Marketing Colloquium. The conference will be held at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky at the Center Theatre on December 3, 2010.

The goal of this conference is to support research and education of green marketing and sustainability in the academic and business communities. Sustainability refers to development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Increasingly, pursuit of sustainability addresses a triple bottom line with respect to performance. This triple bottom line includes the pursuit of economic, social, and environmental returns. The research presented at this conference will offer new insight into efforts to enhance performance on all three fronts. The presenters represent a wealth of vantage points and diverse theoretical perspectives examining green marketing.

This year’s program includes a series of studies illustrating a diverse set of issues endemic to green marketing and sustainability. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Matthew Sleeth, is a former emergency room physician. Dr. Sleeth felt like he was straightening deck chairs on the Titanic saving one patient at a time while the whole ship (Earth) was going down. Together with his wife and two teenage children, he began to bring his lifestyle in line with his values, cutting back on their fossil fuel by two thirds and electricity use by nine tenths. Following a new calling, Dr. Sleeth resigned from his position as chief of the medical staff and director of the ER to teach, preach, and write about faith and the environment throughout the country. Dr. Sleeth is a graduate of George Washington University School of Medicine and has two post doctoral fellowships. He is the author of Serve God and Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action (Zondervan, April 2007), The Introduction to the Green Bible (HarperOne, 2008), and a third book, The Gospel According to the Earth: Why the Good Book is a Green Book (HarperOne, 2010).

In addition to the keynote speaker, Naresh Malhotra will provide an intriguing talk examining sustainability-sensitive market segments and social media. Dr. Malhotra has published more than 100 papers in major refereed journals, including the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Marketing Science, Management Science, Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Health Care Marketing, and leading journals in statistics, management science, information systems, and psychology. His book, Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation, Fifth Edition, has been translated into Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Hungarian, French, Bahasa Indonesia, and Japanese. In addition to the eight translations, this book also has several English editions including North America, International, Europe, India, and Australia & New Zealand. The book has received widespread adoption at both the graduate and undergraduate levels with more than 144 schools using it in the USA.

The conference is open to the public. University faculty and marketing managers interested in green marketing research will find the conference sessions to be highly informative.

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