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International Journal of Research in Marketing, 27(3)

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International Journal of Research in Marketing 

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Brand awareness in business markets: When is it related to firm performance?
Christian Homburg, Martin Klarmann, Jens Schmitt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing sales teams in a virtual environment
Adam Rapp, Michael Ahearne, John Mathieu, Tammy Rapp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are scarce products always more attractive? The interaction of different types of scarcity signals with products’ suitability for conspicuous consumption
Heribert Gierl, Verena Huettl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of rating scale format on response styles: The number of response categories and response category labels
Bert Weijters, Elke Cabooter, Niels Schillewaert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The relative importance of brands in modified rebuy purchase situations
Alex R. Zablah, Brian P. Brown, Naveen Donthu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New metrics for evaluating preference maps
Corinne Faure, Martin Natter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What’s in a name?An analysis of the strategic behavior of family firms
Saim Kashmiri, Vijay Mahajan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are private label users attractive targets for retailer coupons?
Salome Nies, Martin Natter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]