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Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 27(1)

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Special Issue: e-Service: Empirical Tools and Analyses

Volume 27 Issue 1 (March 2010)

Issue Edited by Paul R. Messinger, Dennis Galletta

Rick Hackett

Special issue editorial: measurement tools for e-service and industry applications
Paul R. Messinger, Dennis Galletta

e-WOM Scale: word-of-mouth measurement scale for e-services context
Isabelle Goyette, Line Ricard, Jasmin Bergeron, François Marticotte

The generalizability of the effects of retailer e-service quality dimensions
Adam Finn

Valuing software service development in support of business-to-consumer services
Brendan Tansey, Eleni Stroulia

The impact of e-information on residential real estate services: transaction costs, social embeddedness, and market conditions
Jane Lee Saber, Paul R. Messinger

Does customer engagement with internet based services influence adoption of other new products?
Darin W. White, Joe C. Harrison, Sam Turner

Resources, capabilities, and service: Commentary on dynamic capabilities and e-service
Paul P. Maglio

Boundary decision, embededness, and the co-creation of value: Authors’ response to commentary
Erik Rolland, Raymond A. Patterson, Keith F. Ward

Value and systems perspectives in combining human and automated services: Commentary on seven challenges to combining human and automated service
Irene C L Ng

A systems approach to hybrid service: Authors’ response to commentary
Paul R. Messinger, Jin Li, Eleni Stroulia, Dennis Galletta, Xin Ge, Sungchul Choi