Global Commerce and Sustainability


International Conference on Global Commerce and Sustainability, Monterrey, Mexico, 2-4 Feb 2011, Organized by Jorge Wise and Luka Powanga; Deadline 15 Oct

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When: February 2-4, 2011
Where: DAF Monterrey Tech Business School,
Campus Monterrey, Mexico

Among the challenges facing the world today are; poverty, water and climate change. This conference focuses on two major themes; Social entrepreneurship and alternative (renewable) energy. Social entrepreneurship has been defined as a combination of “economic benefits of entrepreneurship with the delivery of social and environmental outcomes” and is perceived as holding “the potential to assist the economic and social development of individuals and societies around the world” (Haugh, 2007: 743). In line with this description, business people, have and are developing new business concepts and models that have a positive impact on businesses and society. The most well known social intra-entrepreneur is Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank. He embarked on making tiny loans for self-employment to people who could not get loans from commercial Banks. This practice later became known as micro financing. Today the Grameen Bank is a multi-million enterprise and millions of people have benefitted from the practice. Many social intra-entrepreneurs, though less known than Muhammad Yunnis, are making significant contributions to reducing the poverty levels; they include Nick Hughes and Susie Lonie from Vodafone’s Mobile Phone Money Transfer Service or Luis Sota from CEMEX with the program Patrimonio Hoy which helps poor people to build houses.

Another problem is the lack of access to clean water by about 1 Billion people worldwide resulting in a variety of health problems. Superimposed on the poverty and safe water issues, is the dependence on traditional sources of fuel such as oil, natural gas and coal which significantly contribute to climate change because these fossil based fuels emit green house gases and in some cases particulate materials and mercury. To curtail these emissions, businesses are replacing fossil fuels with clean energy sources; solar, wind, tides, geothermal or tidal waves which do not generate environmentally harmful byproducts in addition to utilizing energy efficient and clean energy technologies.

The conference invites international scholars and practitioners to submit abstracts, posters, and proposals pertaining to climate change, renewable energy, clean water, and poverty reduction.

Accepted papers will be considered for the Best Paper Award and publication in the Journal of Global Commerce Research ( or the Journal of Current Research in Global Business.


Send your submissions (word 2003 or higher) and suggestions for panel discussions by October 15, 2010 to:

Dr. Jorge Wise at:
Or Dr. Luka Powanga at:

Who Should Attend

This is a forum for academia, senior level executives and professionals in any industry and officials from national governments to share ideas and latest developments in all facets of local and global business and sustainability; Attendees include:

  • Architectures and designers
  • Attorneys and regulatory specialists
  • Entrepreneurs, Innovators and developers
  • Industry executives
  • Investors and venture capitalists and social entrepreneurs
  • Market analysts
  • Federal, state, local government and national government policy makers and regulators
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Researchers, engineers, environmental analysts, scientists, and biologists
  • Scholars
  • Shippers, port authorities, Logistics, transportation, supply chain companies
  • Third and fourth party logistics, manufacturers, retailers and consultants

Why You Should Attend

  1. Quality and Solution orientation: You will be exposed to high quality presentations of innovative real life case studies and current and future trends, and the changes and opportunities inherent in these changes from industry experts, business executives and researchers. As a business person, you will be exposed to proven strategies that you can immediately apply to your organization in addition to using the knowledge to assess the effectiveness of your organization’s sustainability programs against the industry leaders, and effect positive change in your organization. As a researcher, you will have insight into the issues and opportunities facing the businesses that you can use as a basis for your research to solve real life problems or improve government policies.
  2. Diversity: the conference draws attendees and presenters from all over the world with diverse topics allowing you to network and showcase your technologies and solutions possibly make new business partners abroad. The diversity of topics ensures that you do not have moments of boredom. The agenda is free of sales pitches. Instead it provides real solutions to attendees.
  3. Unique Experience: This is the only conference that brings together representatives from academia, national governments, and business executives from all over the world to give you a unique perspective on contemporary business issues, research and technologies for the purpose of advancing sustainability through collaboration. You will view poster and conference papers on every conceivable business topics and advancement in technological innovations in logistics, fossil/renewable energy, environment and the tools for sustainability performance measures. You will have the opportunity to meet with not only your peers but with international practitioners and scholars.
  4. Networking and Value: With dedicated networking time at the Forum – you will expand your network of international scholars and senior-level executives from top companies drawn worldwide. You will have the opportunity to come away with knowledge that you need to successfully commercialize a technology, run efficient operations while meeting the sustainability needs, know the market trends and the policy issues in at least the energy, logistics and environmental areas; all this under a relaxed and friendly atmosphere on account of the controlled size of the conference and the many networking opportunities offered to attendees allowing you to spend more time with those who peak your business interest.

Jorge A. Wise, Ph. D
Comite Organizador