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Journal of Supply Chain Management, 46(3)

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Journal of Supply Chain Management 

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Crafting High-Quality Reviews: Guidelines, Examples and Feedback
Craig R. Carter and Lisa M. Ellram [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supply Management, Supply Flexibility and Performance Outcomes: An Empirical Investigation of Manufacturing Firms
Ying Liao, Paul Hong and S. Subba Rao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Outsourcing as Seen From the Perspective of Knowledge Management
Oscar F. Bustinza, Luis M. Molina and Leopoldo J. Gutierrez-Gutierrez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Job Types in the Supply Chain Management Profession
Christian L. Rossetti and Kevin J. Dooley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Competitive Priorities Drive Adoption of Electronic Commerce Applications? Testing the Contingency and Institutional Views
Xiaowen Huang, Thomas F. Gattiker and Roger G. Schroeder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]