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Journal of Marketing Communications, 16(4)

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Journal of Marketing Communications 

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Skin color shades in advertising to ethnic audiences: The case of African Americans
Stevie Watson; Corliss G. Thornton; Brian T. Engelland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of message appeal and message source on Gen Y consumers’ attitudes and purchase intentions toward American Apparel
Ruoh-Nan Yan; Jennifer Paff Ogle; Karen H. Hyllegard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ad-induced affect: The effects of forewarning, affect intensity, and prior brand attitude
Sang Yeal Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analysis of commercial rumors from the perspective of marketing managers: Rumor prevalence, effects, and control tactics
Allan J. Kimmel; Anne-Françoise Audrain-Pontevia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Integrated strategic partnerships between business and not-for-profit organisations: A case study from New Zealand
Nitha Palakshappa; Sandy Bulmer; Gabriel Eweje; Philip Kitchen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]