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Econometrica, 78(4)

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Noncontractible Heterogeneity in Directed Search
Michael Peters [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Incentive Problems With Unidimensional Hidden Characteristics: A Unified Approach
Martin F. Hellwig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inequality and Unemployment in a Global Economy
Elhanan Helpman, Oleg Itskhoki and Stephen Redding [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Unique Costly Contemplation Representation
Haluk Ergin and Todd Sarver [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Foundations of Intrinsic Habit Formation
Kareen Rozen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Risk and Rationality: Uncovering Heterogeneity in Probability Distortion
Adrian Bruhin, Helga Fehr-Duda and Thomas Epper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Happens in the Field Stays in the Field: Exploring Whether Professionals Play Minimax in Laboratory Experiments
Steven D. Levitt, John A. List and David H. Reiley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]