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Field Guide for Business-to-Business Case Study Research, Book to be edited by Roger Marshall, Hugh Pattinson and Arch G. Woodside; Abstract deadline 15 Feb 2011

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Call for Papers for
Deadline: June 30, 2011

This Call for Papers invites your submission for a planned book focuses on case study theory and practice in business-to-business marketing, purchasing, and network behavior. The book’s working title is FIELD GUIDE TO BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS CASE STUDY RESEARCH. The plan is for this Field Guide book to include 25 to 30 case study reports that include short and long stays in field settings to collect ethnographic data on business-to-business behavior or the use of other case study research methods in relevant business-to-business contexts. Authors are asked to include a "lessons learned" section at the end of their contributions. Papers 5 to 35 pages in total length, double-spaced, in MS-WORD are requested. The FIELD GUIDE will be published in the ADVANCES IN BUSINESS MARKETING & PURCHASING book series (Emerald Publishers). For relevant research using additional case study research methods (including ethnographic methods), see Arch G. Woodside (2010), CASE STUDY RESEARCH: Theory, Methods and Practice, Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishers. Submit your business-to-business case study report for the FIELD GUIDE book to all three co-editors: Roger Marshall (roger.marshall@aut.ac.nz), Hugh Pattinson (H.Pattinson@uws.edu.au), and Arch G. Woodside (arch.woodside@bc.edu).

If possible, please send a one-page abstract on your study by February 15, 2011; deadline for the complete paper is June 30, 2010.

Examples of relevant literature in case study research in business-to-business contexts include the following contributions:

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