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Service Science 

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Division of Labor between Firms: Business Services, Non-Ownership-Value and the Rise of the Service Economy
Michael Ehret, Jochen Wirtz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Critical Appraisal of the Concept of Non-profit Services Marketing
Edouard V. Novatorov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Descriptive Evidence on the Role of Corporate Brands in Marketing Higher Education Services
Maha Mourad, Christine Ennew, Wael Kortam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Quality of University Services: Dimensional Structure of SERVQUAL VS. ESQS
Carmen María Salvador-Ferrer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Discovery of New Service Concepts for Diverse Markets
Harold Cassab, Tuure Tuunanen, Ken Peffers, Charles E. Gengler, Wendy Hui, Ville Virtanen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Policies: A Strategic Analysis of Dual Channel Supply Chain Design
Yongma Moon, Tao Yao, Terry L. Friesz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]