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OR of the people, by the people, for the people
Heiner Muller-Merbach [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A survey of scheduling problems with late work criteria
Malgorzata Sterna [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Demand switching criteria for multiple products: An inventory cost analysis
Ying-Jiun Hsieh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Expanding the Spanish high-speed railway network
Víctor Blanco, Justo Puerto, Ana B. Ramos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Location optimization of strategic alert sites for homeland defense
John E. Bell, Stanley E. Griffis, William A. Cunningham III, Jon A. Eberlan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Axial solutions for multiple objective linear problems. An application to target setting in DEA models with preferences
M.A. Hinojosa, A.M. Mármol [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Outsourcing vs. in-house production: a comparison of supply chain contracts with effort dependent demand
Onur Kaya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The design of socially optimal decisions in a consensus scenario
Jacinto González-Pachón, Carlos Romero [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pricing decisions in a multi-criteria setting for product recovery facilities
Srikanth Vadde, Abe Zeid, Sagar V. Kamarthi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Selection of supply portfolio under disruption risks
Tadeusz Sawik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The planning of cycle trips in the province of East Flanders
Wouter Souffriau, Pieter Vansteenwegen, Greet Vanden Berghe, Dirk Van Oudheusden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Establishing best practice university research funding strategies using mixed-mode modelling
Miles G. Nicholls, Barbara J. Cargill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]