TOC: Franchising Globally


Franchising Globally: Innovation, Learning and Imitation, Book edited by Ilan Alon

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Franchising Globally
Innovation, Learning and Imitation

Ilan Alon

Part I Franchising Approaches and Frameworks

1 Franchising in Emerging Markets
Ilan Alon, Dianne H.B. Welsh, and Cecilia M. Falbe

2 Franchising as an Entrepreneurial Form
Ilan Alon and Marc Sardy

3 Internationalization of Franchising
Ilan Alon, Liqiang Ni, and Raymond (Youcheng) Wang

4 Clustering for International Market Selection
Ilan Alon and Amir Shoham

Part II Area Studies of Franchising

5 Franchising in Italy
Ilan Alon and Donata Vianelli

6 Franchising in Morocco
Ilan Alon and Rachid Alami

7 Franchising in Croatia
Ilan Alon, Mirela Alpeza, and Aleksandar Erceg

8 Microfranchising in Less Developed Countries
Ilan Alon, Matthew C. Mitchell, and J. Mark Munoz

Part III International Franchising Cases

9 Ruth’s Chris Franchises Expand Internationally
Ilan Alon and Allen Kupetz

10 International Franchising at Best Western
Ilan Alon, Gerard Cliquet, Matthew C. Mitchell, and Rozenn Perrigot

11 San Francisco Coffee House Opens in Croatia
Ilan Alon, Mirela Alpeza, and Aleksandar Erceg

12 An Athlete’s Foot Master Franchisee in China
Ilan Alon

13 Final Reflections
Ilan Alon